Do you have Storm Damage?

Things to do following a storm and damage to your property.

First Things to Do Following Storm:


1. Call your insurance company. Keep detailed notes of your conversations including the time and date of call, and who you spoke with at the insurance company.

2. Call a qualified general contractor to inspect your home. Make certain he/she has specific experience in working through insurance claims. If you need emergency board and tarp-up, your contractor will have the resources to help.


3. Take pictures and plenty of notes based on your observations. Photograph and document everything that you suspect is damaged. Accurate documentation will help you down the road. Do not throw any damaged items away. Your insurance adjuster may want to see them.

Make Sure Your Home is Safe!
If damage is serious, damaged walls or roof, or large trees leaning on your home, have you home inspected by a professional contractor or building engineer before you enter

If your home has sustained serious damage:

  • Turn off your natural gas, electrical and water at their shutoff locations in your home.
  • Do not touch any wiring or metal plumbing fixtures.
  • Don't go near fallen trees.

Does your home appear secure?
If possible, make sure your home is secure from intruders immediately following a serious storm.

Be Sure to:

  • Have your contractor board up all openings in your home, including damaged doors and windows.
  • Ask your neighbors to help watch your home, and request they notify authorities if they see something suspicious.
  • Move your valuables and important documents to a safe location.
  • Take steps to protect you home from further damage.  Do what you can to keep any additional water out of your home.